Spirituality and Finance

Best Practices For Spirituality and Finance

Just this! Human evolution can not be regarded as separate from cosmic evolution. Our Universe is a full time income organic entity and we, the human race and our ability for survival are a built-in part of the infinitely on-going metamorphosis of great power and energy. Knowing how to dance to the cosmic rules of evolution and what blocks us from accessing the flow of spiritual resources that lead us to a stream of the material ones, helps is always to navigate through these challenging times with more purpose and ease.

Today's challenges ask us to take a fresh look at how our beliefs and perceptions affect our choices we make around money. Today's financial and social economic crisis triggers a number of human's most fundamental fears, especially driving a car of survival. At the same time, it is an chance for us to consider what blocks us from accessing the flow of spiritual resources that lead us to a stream of the material ones.

Watching the German news and the European Union's actions to bail-out Greece to avoid it from going bankrupt, I was again reminded of the continuous disclosures of unethical and fraudulent behavior on Wallstreet and the big American and European banks '. Not just a day goes on without reports about new catastrophes showing us how unsustainable our life style has become. Fear-based, outmoded thinking of lack and scarcity is driving big corporations'and governments're-actions to the different crises. They're desperately trying to fix the observable symptoms by pumping non-existent money into economically and environmentally unsustainable systems and structures. I cannot help but Copywriting a contrast between a cancer that eats away at the human body and this dysfunctional, unsustainable and irresponsible behavior displayed globally in most areas of life.

Because we're all exposed to the great transformative energy, good questions to ask around money and finances are:

  • What's my financial situation telling me about who I am?
  • What're other aspects in my life telling me about how I cope with money?
  • Because money itself does not have any intrinsic value and is only a symbol for the exchange of energy:
  • Just how do I invest my energy?
  • Do I invest my energy in checking up on the Johnsons, trying to avoid loss or do not have enough of it?

Despite these futile endeavors of trying to fix problems at the degree of the observable symptoms, a brand new human being, a brand new world, a brand new economy and new monetary system is emerging such as a Phoenix rising from the ashes. While all of this chaos goes on, a brand new world based on love as opposed to fear and lack is emerging. And, we're its co-creators. We're, each and every one of us, part of the greatest of human transformations ever played on earth.